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iso 9001/ as 9100 registered

Harnesses & Cables
Because of our customer needs, BST Systems is fully certified and approved for the manufacture of electrical harnessing and cabling fully compliant with the requirements of NASA 8739.4.  In support of our Space Shuttle battery manufacture, BST Systems is certified to crimp and solder in accordance with NASA 8739.4 and IPC-J-STD-001-S.  BST Systems employees (operators and inspectors) are fully trained in accordance with these stringent requirements.  In addition, BST Systems maintains its own in-house training capability, by the continuing outside training of BST employees by Goddard Space Flight Center.



BST Systems manufactures a product line of custom underwater electrical cable assemblies, plugs, and intercell connectors specifically designed and qualified to operate under stringent performance and environmental conditions, including extreme ocean depths (>7000 ft).  Overmolded with insulating elastomers, these components are inert to both seawater and compensating fluids (utilized in conjunction with pressure compensated batteries such as the DSRV).


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