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iso 9001/ as 9100 registered



BST Systems is a technology based company that has earned the industry reputation for innovation and creativity.  Of particular importance is our unique capability of responding to customer’s requirements and needs rapidly.  As an example, we are able to design and produce initial prototypes in a matter of a few weeks ensuring that feasibility and performance characteristics are established early.


BST Systems maintains a strong engineering group that continues to advance the state-of-the-art in high-energy battery systems.  They design, develop, validate the performance, and oversee the production of cells and batteries in support of a wide range of customer requirements.  The group is capable of engineering both secondary and automatically activated primary batteries.  Additionally, it designs and builds electronic hardware and develops customized software for battery support equipment such as chargers, dischargers, scanners and data acquisition systems.


The BST Systems Engineering Team specializes in the design and manufacture of complete batteries in support of a variety of military and aerospace launch vehicle applications, both manned and unmanned. We design cells and batteries to meet the stringent environmental conditions imposed upon these batteries, in particular those which result from acoustically induced random vibration as well as shock.

Design, Development, Testing

BST manufactures electrochemical silver-zinc cells with capacities that range between 1.0 and 2400 ampere-hours.  These products are lightweight, compact, rugged, rechargeable, reliable and most importantly they are safe.  Depending on the specific application and cell type, energy output for these products are in the range of 40 to 95 watt-hours per pound and 2.4 to 8.0 watt-hours per cubic inches.  They are ideal for both low rate and high rate applications.   BST designs and manufactures its own line of computer-controlled battery operating systems and ground support equipment, which each have the capability of processing complete batteries in support of military and aerospace missions.  These capabilities include the charging and discharging of the battery to individual cell voltage cut-offs, and the necessary data acquisition systems to support pre-use battery checks and approvals.


Because of our customer needs, BST Systems is fully certified and approved for the manufacture of electrical harnessing and cabling which is fully compliant with the requirements of NASA 8739.2.  BST Systems has also developed the capability of producing pressure-tolerant underwater cabling and intercell connectors.     BST Systems has embarked on a new product line, consisting of “off-the-shelf” lithium ion technology incorporated into aerospace battery products, designed by BST.  These efforts have included cell characterization studies as well as control circuitry design and development.